Routine Guidance

These programs should not be used to treat any existing injury. If you are injured please consult with a medical professional.

It is recommended that all users begin with Introduction to SFT routines before advancing to any of the other routines. Once you are proficient with these, you are ready for any of the other routines here. To maximize your training, consistently rotate your SFT routines and train with Sugarfoot Therapy 1-3 times a week.

You can use our library filtering system to narrow routines by body part focus, difficulty level, skill focus, etc.

Looking to follow along in real time? Check out our library of recorded Live Zoom Classes!

When practicing these exercises, keep in mind that you should never experience joint pain. Practice all exercises within a pain-free range of motion. For example, if you experience pain in your hip while practicing a squats exercise, try modifying by not squatting as deeply. Minimize your range of motion until you can perform the exercise without pain.

Additionally, you should always practice a controlled range of motion. So if you are struggling with control, try reducing the range of motion until you find a range that you can control throughout. With most exercises, you can progress by gradually working to increase your controlled range of motion.

Directions for use:
You are welcome to follow along with the video in real time and pause the video as needed. Or you may choose to watch the complete video first, to ensure a solid understanding of proper form and technique. Then when you go to perform the routine in the studio or at the gym, download the “SFT Guide” pdf to jog your memory. You can print the pdf or pull it up on your smartphone for quick reference. You can also stream the video on your device wherever you are working out and follow along.

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