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SFT Curriculum Progressions

These curriculum progressions are like your a la carte menu for Sugarfoot Therapy exercises.  Especially valuable to dance teachers using our program in the classroom, these progressions show you how to start with a basic exercise and then advance upon it.  We always recommend that you and/or your students master the basic variations of these exercises before attempting the intermediate and advanced options.

Foot Strengthening Exercises
Foot strength and control is essential in establishing a stable base for dance. Lack of control will...
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SFT Combos
SFT Combos are choreographed warm-ups to music, using Sugarfoot Therapy exercises. Dance teachers, our SFT Combos...
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SFT Hamstring Bulletproofing
SFT Hamstring Bulletproofing is a progression of exercises that focuses very specifically on strengthening...
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Glute Activation Exercises
The glutes are the most important muscles when it comes to shock absorbing and stabilizing for the hip,...
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Many dance injuries occur during takeoff and landing of jumps. These exercises emphasize jump form,...
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Dynamic Stretching
As part of your warm-up, static stretching alone can do more harm than good. It will turn off a muscle....
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Single Leg Balance & Strength
Most dance injuries occur in the lower extremities…somewhere between the hip and the foot.  It...
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Planks & Core Work
Planks are one of the most effective ways for dancers to work their “core” because they create...
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Lunges are an important component in dancers’ conditioning, as they train the body to safely and efficiently...
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Many dance injuries can be traced back to weak and inactive glutes. Squats are an essential building...
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