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Dancers usually don’t experience the benefits of therapeutic exercise with a Physical Therapist until they have an injury. And once the injury is healed, we are back to our dance technique without resolving the issues that led to our injury…which leads to repeat or worsening injuries. Or you may have experienced working with a Physical Therapist who just doesn’t understand the physical attributes and needs of dancers. It would be great to regularly work with a Physical Therapist on injury prevention training; but few of us have access to that kind of specialized treatment. Plus, a single PT session can range anywhere from $100 – $200/hour if paying cash…so a month’s worth of access to this information for just $29 is an incredible value!

By joining our site, you get access to Physical Therapist-designed injury prevention training that is catered very specifically to dancers. Our program is presented in individual workouts, or SFT Routines, that focus on different aspects of injury prevention. For instance, many dance injuries occur while jumping; so we have routines that focus on re-training the body to jump in the most efficient and safe way. Each routine is a complete workout in and of itself…but each routine also functions great as a warm-up before class, rehearsal, or performance.

Your membership grants you access to every workout and exercise that is ever published on this site.

New material is added regularly, so you will always have new information to learn and fresh ways to challenge your improving strength. Each routine is taught through a thorough instructional video that you can stream online; and each instructional video is accompanied by an “SFT Guide” that notates the details of the routine. These guides are provided in PDF form so that you can print or open on your device for review. Plus, our website is mobile friendly, so you can stream our videos in the classroom, backstage, at the gym…wherever!

We also offer our program via our SFT Curriculum Progressions…where you can learn our program one single exercise at a time.  This makes it easy to incorporate our individual exercises into your existing warm-up or training program. We clearly lay out how to advance upon the basic exercises as you and/or your students get stronger.

You can cancel your membership at any time, with no cancellation fee.

The content on this website is proprietary to Sugarfoot Therapy, so it is illegal to copy or publish our videos. But we do encourage you to learn our program and use it not only for your own training but in teaching other dancers. Dance teachers, we are a resource for you. Our program is valuable material for the classroom, for dancers of all ages.

Finally, membership grants you access to us. We want to hear from you and help satisfy all of your needs when it comes to preventing injury. We are very passionate about this work, and we would love to hear all of your questions and feedback.

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