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SFT Routines

It is recommended that all users begin with SFT Basics before advancing to any of the other routines. Once you have mastered SFT Basics, you are ready for any of the other routines here. To maximize your injury prevention training, consistently rotate your SFT routines and train with Sugarfoot Therapy 3-5 times a week.

When practicing these exercises, keep in mind that you should never experience joint pain. Practice all exercises within a pain-free range of motion. For example, if you experience pain in your hip while practicing a squats exercise, try modifying by not squatting as deeply. Minimize your range of motion until you can perform the exercise without pain.

Directions for use:
Watch the complete video first, to ensure a solid understanding of proper form and technique. Then when you go to perform the routine in the studio or at the gym, download the “SFT Guide” pdf to jog your memory. You can print the pdf or pull it up on your smartphone for quick reference. You can also stream the video on your mobile device wherever you are working out.

These programs should not be used to treat any existing injury. If you are injured please consult with a medical professional.


8-4-2-1 Circuit Workout
The 8-4-2-1 Circuit Workout is a sequence of 7 exercises. You will perform the sequence a total of 4 times....
Advanced ACL Injury Prevention
This workout is inspired by our demonstrator Asher William Walker. Asher is a hip hop dancer who has been...
Dance Conditioning for CLI Studios
This is the first of our regular Injury Prevention classes for CLI Studios. This was taught as a live-streaming...
Prep for Nationals – 3 week training program
This 3 week program will help you build stability, stamina, and safe mobility….A great way to prepare...
SFT Ankle Stability Circuit
The SFT Ankle Stability Circuit is a full length workout.  It is designed as a circuit that you will...
SFT Balance 1
This is a more advanced routine specifically designed to improve balance skills by stimulating mobility,...
SFT Balance 2
SFT Balance 2 advances upon our SFT Balance 1 routine, ultimately using larger range of motion and less...
SFT Balance 3
This sequence of exercises is an excellent full body warm-up to get you ready to dance. We advance upon...
SFT Ballet Strength
SFT Ballet Strength is an advanced complete workout that builds strength and stability where instabilities...
SFT Basics
This is our introduction to Sugarfoot Therapy. This sequence of exercises is a full body warm-up in which...
SFT Dance Fitness 1
SFT Dance Fitness 1 is a full length workout that takes about an hour to complete.  It’s perfect for the advanced...
SFT Dance Fitness 2
SFT Dance Fitness 2 is a full body conditioning routine with a special focus on end range joint mobility...
SFT Dance Fitness 3
SFT Dance Fitness 3 is a complete, full-body conditioning class. We begin with dynamic, weight-bearing...
SFT Foam Roller Series
In this routine, we break down the best way to use your foam roller.   We focus on targeting specific...
SFT Foot Stability
The purpose of this SFT Foot Stability routine is to build strength and stability in dancers’ often...
SFT Heels Prep
SFT Heels Prep is a warm-up to prepare your body for dancing in heels. You will activate the proprieceptive...
SFT Hip Stability Circuit
Most dancers work to create beautiful hyper-mobile hips…but lack the muscular control to safely...
SFT Jumps 1
The majority of dance injuries occur during takeoff and landing of jumps. This routine emphasizes jump...
SFT Jumps 2
This routine advances upon the jumping progressions in SFT Jumps 1 by adding the component of traveling...
SFT Knee Stability Circuit
Overuse and traumatic injuries of the knees are all too common with dancers. This routine is designed...
SFT Neck Mobility Series
The neck…this is a joint in the body that is minimally addressed in most dance warm-ups and dance conditioning...
SFT Quad Activation Circuit
SFT Quad Activation Circuit is inspired by our demonstrator Jaimie Goodwin, who is currently working...
SFT Shoulder Stability Circuit
This routine aims to create improved thoracic spine and shoulder girdle mobility and three dimensional...
SFT Socks 1
This 15 minute conditioning routine is designed to be done wearing socks on a hard floor. This routine...
SFT Stamina 1
As dancers, we are often asked to perform incredibly athletic feats when our bodies are on the verge...
SFT Trunk Stability Circuit
Often, when we think about our core, we think about the abdominals alone…when in reality, our core...
Warm-up: SFT Meets Apolla Shocks
Sugarfoot Therapy Meets Apolla Shocks in this 15 minute dance warm-up, appropriate for intermediate...