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The Sugarfoot Philosophy

Sugarfoot Therapy bridges the gap between the principals of functional biomechanics and traditional dance technique, creating functionally authentic movements that are the most efficient and effective way to warm-up, mobilize, and stabilize the dancer’s body in all three planes of motion. This is the same science that prepares professional and elite level athletes to perform optimally, while dramatically decreasing their chances for injury. Learn More →

Featured SFT Routines

SFT Dance Fitness 4
SFT Dance Fitness 4 is a full-body, conditioning class that begins with dynamic stretching and muscle...
SFT Groin Strength
SFT Groin Strength is a full length workout that aims to improve pelvic stability, by strengthening the muscles...
SFT Shoulder & Scapula Stability
Modern innovations in choreography call for more and more floor work and partner work. Yet, traditional...
Prep for Nationals – 3 week training program
This 3 week program will help you build stability, stamina, and safe mobility….A great way to prepare...
SFT Heels Prep
SFT Heels Prep is a warm-up to prepare your body for dancing in heels. You will activate the proprieceptive...
SFT Knee Stability Circuit
Overuse and traumatic injuries of the knees are all too common with dancers. This routine is designed...

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